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Delta cracks down on service animals allowed on board

Delta says reports of "comfort" animals urinating and defecating or biting have spiked some 84 percent in the last few years, forcing the airline to clamp down.

We could be just one year away from driverless taxis

GM hopes to roll out by 2019 a fleet of robocabs with no steering wheel or pedals, a move that could signify the beginning of the end of personal car ownership.

Why the year's biggest tech conference is all about smart cars, not smartphones

The hottest new place for car companies is not the auto shows but the tech conferences.

From cellphones to cars, these batteries could cut the cord forever

A breakthrough in battery technology could translate into days of use for smartphone addicts and driving ranges of 500 miles for electric car owners.

New year, new ride? 15 cars to rev up your 2018

From the fastest-ever Ford Mustang to the family-friendly Volkswagen Atlas, 2018 brings a smorgasbord of new cars.