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Factory workers at GM see layoffs, not benefits, after tax cuts

In the short run, the tax law coupled with federal spending acted as a stimulus, a "sugar rush," but there are indicators the economy may slow this year.

GM to invest $300 million in electric vehicles, add 400 jobs

The investment is a portion of $1.8 billion GM pledged to spend on manufacturing in the U.S., which will create 700 new jobs.

Ford adding 900 jobs, investing $900M in push toward electric and autonomous vehicles

“We were always confident there would be growth in demand for electric vehicles. We’re seeing more acceptance,” Ford said.

Trump lashes out at GM and autoworkers union, calls for 'fast' action to reopen plant

"Get that big, beautiful plant in Ohio open now," President Trump tweeted.

SEC sues Volkswagen, ex-CEO over alleged emissions fraud on investors

VW plead guilty in 2017 to secretly installing software in 500,000 U.S. vehicles to cheat government exhaust emissions tests.