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UAW touts 'major gains' — but has won few breakthroughs

Labor talks likely took longer than usual because the UAW is under investigation for a pay-for-play corruption scandal that has sent a number of its officials to prison for taking bribes.

General Motors, United Auto Workers agree on tentative deal to end four-week strike

About 49,000 United Auto Workers officially began striking on Sept. 15 at 11:59 p.m. ET after negotiations faltered between the union and General Motors.

Bad luck if your GM car needs spare parts or a repair, as UAW strike continues into its fifth week

“If this isn’t resolved in the next week or two, the impact will become more and more visible with each passing day,” said one automotive analyst.

Electric vehicles pose 'real risk' for autoworkers, with fewer parts — and jobs — required

The shift to electric vehicles is "a potential revolution,” said one automotive analyst, noting that it will impact everything from gas stations to car dealerships to city budgets.

Chirps, beeps, or...Linkin Park? Electric vehicle owners could soon select the noise their car makes

The risk of a pedestrian being hit by an electric vehicle is 19 percent higher than with conventional vehicles.