Privacy Policy

Department of Motor Vehicle (“DMV”) License fees are estimates. Upon completion of the vehicle’s registration, all fees, if any, are immediately due upon receipt of registration.


All documents mailed to Customers are mailed via regular USPS mail. Westcoast Auto (hereafter “WCA”) is not responsible for any lost or undelivered mail.  An overnight request can be made but such expense will be borne by the Customer.


All DMV documents, plates, and tags are issued by the DMV per DMV records. Any missing items such as missing plate(s)/tags become the responsibility of the Customer to immediately contact and/or order the same from the DMV.  WCA will not be responsible for any fines Customers might incur from driving the vehicle without properly mounted plates and tags.  A request to place an order for missing items can be placed with WCA at the Customers’ expense but is not recommended.


Prior balance on trade-ins are estimates and based on the amount reported on Customer’s credit. A 10-day payoff will be ordered by WCA upon receipt of funds per Customers’ sale contract. The trade-in balance, if any, is immediately due to WCA upon verbal or written notification to the Customer.


Trade-ins with missing titles are NOT ACCEPTED. Customers are solely responsible to provide WCA with a clear title for their trade-in at the time the vehicle is being traded-in.


All deferred payments are due per the deferred date on the sales contract. Any default on deferred payments will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


All checks towards the vehicle purchase are immediate demands to WCA. Checks returned for any reason are subject to all appropriate fines and WCA will immediately seek reimbursement for any losses.


Customers have the right to inspect the vehicle before purchase by a third party.


Customer is aware of the limited dealer warranty per Buyer’s Guide. The limited warranty is an engine and transmission REPLACEMENT (if the entire engine or transmission needs to be replaced per manufacturer or WCA recommendation) for 30 days or1000 miles whichever occurs first. Such warranty covers 50% of the cost of the engine/transmission and 50% of the labor to replace the engine/transmission.All repairs must be approved by WCA and performed at WCA.  No payments will be made by WCA for any engine/transmission repairs performed at other facilities – NO EXCEPTION. No coverage for repairs, parts, or labor, other than replacement of the mentioned engine/transmission will be provided by WCA. WCA does not provide rental, courtesy or loaner vehicles, nor does WCA reimburse for towing or any other fees.


Before purchasing a vehicle, customer has had the opportunity to visually inspect the vehicle, was aware of his/her option to have a third party inspect the vehicle, and has been offered an extended warranty on the day of sale.  Customer acknowledges they are aware of these options and accepts the vehicle’s condition at the point of sale and releases the dealer from any and all claims regarding the vehicle’s condition.


Customer agrees to cooperate with WCA employees at all times and to assist WCA inclosing their file whether for dues, missing documents, missing signatures, etc.


No verbal or implied promises will be honored by WCA unless clearly stated in writing in the Due Bill.


Carfax reports are available for free online for all vehicles. Customers can also order a Carfax report directly at their own expense. WCA is not responsible or held liable for any information reported by Carfax.


Customer is expected to do their own due diligence before purchasing a vehicle. Such due diligence includes but is not limited to, ordering a Carfax report, ordering an NMVTIS report, thoroughly inspecting the vehicle, test driving the vehicle, and hiring a third party to inspect the vehicle. WCA will not be held responsible for Customer’s lack of due diligence. 


WCA values our employees and Customers. WCA insures a friendly and respectful professional environment for all. Any communication between parties should be at the utmost professional level. WCA has zero tolerance for rudeness, foul language, and threats. Such behavior will be dealt with immediately to the full extent provided for by law and/or corporate policy.


Customer is aware of and has read and accepted WCA’s disclaimers on WCA and its affiliates’ websites.


WCA will not be held responsible for any mistakes made in good faith by any WCA employee, affiliate, or vendor.


WCA holds the right to refuse service to anyone whenever deemed necessary.


All personal/company/cashier checks have a 12-day hold until clearance of all funds. WCA reserves the right to hold title/registration/payoffs/refunds and/or place a lien on title until all dues are collected and required paperwork is completed.


WCA will not be held responsible for any vehicle claims, including condition or repair orders, after delivery of the vehicle to Customer.

All rates and offers are dependent on bank approval, which varies based on applicant's credit as well as the vehicle. 7-day money back guarantee applies to vehicles priced $30,000.00 or lower. It is the customer's responsibility to verify all information before the time of purchase in order to avoid misunderstanding or confusion.