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Benefits of financing with Westcoast Auto Sales

  • We run your credit once and provide offers from multiple lenders, this will not lower your credit score
  • We have established relationships with lenders and finance options only available to reputable dealerships
  • Over 20 years of experience, we can structure a loan to finance anyone

The reality is that if you work with someone not as familiar with the vehicle financing process you may be hurting your chances of getting approved.

Full Spectrum Financing

Customers with good to excellent credit have many options when choosing to finance. Let the Finance Team at Westcoast Auto gather your options for you. We have relationships with multiple banks and lenders that are a good fit for any credit type. Choosing the best auto loan is a big decision. Let us help you save you cash on the down payment and get you the lowest rate. We have a dedicated finance team here to assist you.

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Customer Story

This is David, his credit score is 802 - with excellent credit he knew that he would get the best rates. David came into the dealership pre-approved with a loan from his credit union. The Westcoast Finance team was able to beat that rate saving him thousands of dollars!

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Work Social Security Numbers or TIN

As a new immigrant, international student, or foreign citizen you may have been turned down for credit before. With an ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number) or work-authorized SSN you can apply for financing through Westcoast Auto and get approved.

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Customer Story

This is Rafa, he came into the dealership unsure if he could be approved for a car loan. Rafa has a work-authorized Social Security Number. This means that he is a foreign citizen living and working in the United States. The Westcoast Finance team has specific lenders that work with any credit situation. Rafa submitted his finance application and had his approval in minutes!

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First Time Buyers Program

If this is your first auto purchase, you may be a little overwhelmed by prices and unsure if you will qualify for the car that you really want. The Westcoast Finance team has been helping first-time buyers for over 20 years. We will crunch the numbers for you and take all of the factors into consideration to get you the best loan at a rate that you can afford.

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Customer Story

Belinda is a first-time buyer with no prior credit history. She needs a reliable car to commute to work and school. She chose the cars that she liked online and came to Westcoast Auto to check out her options. Belinda drove away in a Honda Civic. Now the car loan is helping to build her credit.

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Bad Credit, No Credit, Bankruptcy

Many people believe that they have ‘bad credit’ but honestly, your credit score is not the only deciding factor when applying for a car loan. Don’t let prior missed payments, bankruptcy, or even repossession hold you back. Apply with the Westcoast Finance team. We will structure your loan to get you approved.

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Customer Story

Alex and Sofia have a complicated credit situation. Alex filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and Sofia has a high debt to income ratio. Generally, these are the reasons why finance applications are turned down. That is not the case at Westcoast Auto! The Westcoast Finance team was able to negotiate a great rate on a joint finance application. They even saved extra money by trading in their old car.

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By adding a co-signer to your loan you can increase your chances of getting approved for a lower interest rate. There are many reasons why you may want a co-signer on your loan. Here are just a few of the top reasons:

  1. Low monthly income
  2. Low credit score
  3. High debt
  4. First-time buyer with low monthly income
  5. Your cosigner’s good credit will lower your interest rate
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Customer Story

Phillip’s son fell in love with a BMW X5 at Westcoast Auto Sales. He decided to co-sign on the loan to help his son finance the luxury car at a reasonable interest rate. We understand what it’s like to have a dream car and we can help you make that dream come true!

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