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Emissions Inspection

Emissions Inspection


Emissions inspection is carried out in a bid to curb air pollution resulting from toxic chemicals that are harmful to the body and ozone layer. These toxic chemicals also harm the environment by causing the formation of acid rain which is unsafe for consumption as well as on vegetation.

Apart from emissions inspection being a noble practice, itis also a requirement by policy in most states. In the state of California, allvehicles except motorcycles are required to undergo an emissions inspection.

Whether you are a Californian resident looking to registeryour car or looking to renew car registration, an out-of-state resident relocatingto California with your vehicle, or simply want to sell your vehicle (4 yearsand older) in California, an emissions test is necessary. 

Failing the Emissions Test & Needing Repair

In case your vehicle fails an emissions test, it will needrepair. Before contacting any other repair shop apart from your vehicledealership, certify if your vehicle could still be covered by a manufacturer’semissions control warranty. In the event that it’s still covered, contact yourdealership. If not, find an outlet with a verified track record for these kindsof repairs.

Before you settle on any repair service, you should considerthe following:

Do they possess the required diagnostic implements to detectemissions-related problems?

Ask to see the required certification such as ASEcertification in A6, L1 and A8.

Do they possess a 5-gas analyzer (for automobiles manufacturedin 1995 or before) to quantify emissions?

Is there a possibility that they possess an OBD standardscan tool (these are for automobiles manufactured in 1996 and beyond) to readand analyze DTCs?

They will also need to have an analyzer monitoring the vehicle’signition and general engine performance?

What Drivers Should Know

Whenever the “check engine” light goes on, it means that avehicle will not pass an emissions test. The best cause of action in such aninstance would be to get your vehicle checked. It also worth noting that whenthe light goes on, the problem could either be a minor or major one. An exampleof a minor issue could be a loose fuel cap while a larger one could be a majoremissions control component failure.

In order to diminish the chances of your vehicle releasingundesired emissions, you could routinely do the following things:

Maintain properly inflated tires

Check engine belt and hoses for wear and tear

Replace your engine oil regularly

Ensure that your fuel cap is replaced securely after afill-up. Newer vehicles manufactured in 1996 and beyond may illuminate the“check engine” light when the fuel cap is loosely replaced

Maintain clean sealing surfaces of your vehicle’s fuel cap

West Coast Auto is #1 In South California For EmissionsInspection Services

Check Emissions Produced

Gas Tank & Gas Cap Inspection

Repair Car Components (If Needed)

Additional Free Services:
1. Multipoint Visual Inspection
2. Interior and Exterior Lamp Inspection
3. Road Test
4. Hand Car Wash & Vacuum

West Coast Auto has the most advanced equipment to conduct emissionsinspections, and our team of mechanics can also effectively diagnose carproblems in the case of emissions inspection failure, ensuring efficient carrepair to help you pass the emissions inspection. Contact us to schedule anemissions inspection now! 

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