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Transmission System

Transmission System

The transmission system is an important and expensive component in any vehicle. It enables the engine to perform within allowable parameters of power output, beyond which it would be destroyed. Understanding the transmission requires some basic knowledge of how the combustion engine works.

How Does Transmission Work?

The combustion engine outputs power in cycles known asrevolutions per minute or rpm. Every engine can run up until a maximum numberof rpm above which the engine would blow up. The transmission allows the engineto operate at an acceptable rpm by providing gear ratios.

When accelerating, the engine rises towards its maximum rpm.The transmission (or driver, in the case of manual cars) engages a 'harder'gear which causes the engine to restart its revolutions from a lowerspeed.  When decelerating, the softergears are engaged to prevent the engine speed to dropping too low. 

A good illustration can be drawn from mountain bikes.Assuming your legs are the engine, you engage easier gears when starting off orclimbing to make acceleration easier and tougher ones for when you are inmotion and want to accelerate. Matching your load (terrain) and speed to theright gear enables you to use energy more efficiently. This principle is similarlyused in car transmissions.

Automatic Versus Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions have declined over the years to under 3.9percent of cars sold in 2013 as a result of advancements in automatictransmission systems. Packing more gears and driver customizable algorithms forthrottle response, automatic transmission systems are able to shift quicker,smoother and in many cases, provide better fuel mileage then manualtransmissions.

Signs That Indicate You Need Transmission Maintenance

A transmission system has multiple moving parts in contact.Transmission fluid is used to dissipate heat and reduce friction caused by thisconstant movement. The fluid gets degraded over time and needs to be replaced.

There are a number of tell-tale signs which can warn you ofimpending danger in your car's transmission system. The first is a check enginelight on your dashboard. This is not specific to transmission problems butshould light up when the system has an issue. If you notice a strong, burningsmell inside your car, which some wrongly refer to as clutch, which most likelysuggests a worn transmission system.  Anothersymptom of transmission problems is when gear shifts are rough or jerky evenwhen engaged properly by the driver. Lastly, abnormally low acceleration andleaking oil could also be indication that your car's transmission needsattention.


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